Trafimet Group

Trafimet Group has been in the welding market for over 40 years, in this time it has been known throughout the world for the reliability of its products. The company is focused on Quality, Innovation , Service and staff development.
Despite its international dimension, Trafimet Group still maintains its strong impression “made-in-Italy”, staying true to its origins and its history. Founded 40 years ago by a small artisan of only five people working for the entrepreneur Gianpietro Zigliotto, Trafimet Group has evolved from a small producer to one of the largest industrial companies in the sector of welding torches.
1974 Trafimet was established
1982 Markets launch of Trafimet’s first MIG (GMAW) welding torch
1988 Trafimet began production of PLASMA cutting torches
1989 Trafimet expands its production departments
1990 Global expansion begins with the first subsidiary
1992 Trafimet began production of TIG (GTAW) welding torches
2008 Trafimet Spa acquires Sacit srl
2009 Trafimet Spa acquires Ferro srl
2011 The new brand Trafimet Distribution dedicated to the worldwide distribution
2012 The new brand Trafimet PRO dedicated of the innovative and high quality products

With its area of 22.000 m2, the Italian head office of Trafimet Group today includes all operating divisions of manufacturing and distribution of its products from research and development, technical laboratory, production to final assembly and storage of a wide range of products ready for delivery to the most diverse destinations in the world.

Engineering and Manufacturing

Whether it’s the finished product, accessory or spare part, to the final consumer or to manufacturers of welding machines, in Trafimet Group each production area is delegated to each stage of the production process.
Only in this way each item ready for distribution can boast about the development, production, quality control strictly made-in-Italy.
20.000.000 pieces a year of spare parts and consumables for torches
5.000.000 pieces per year of accessories and spare parts for welding and cutting
5.000.000 pieces per year of protection accessories
1.200.000 mt of cable produced per year
8.000 hours per year for R&D
25.800 checks per year on the products
1.500 hours per year dedicated to training

Research and Development

Enhancing performance and refining the versatility of the products are the main objectives of the Department of Research and Development. One area that continues to set important milestones in the industry, helping to enhance the reputation of the company among the global players.